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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization - technology that allows your website to comply with the requirements of search engines. Search engines - the algorithm created by people for easy retrieval and storage of information on all existing web resources. SEO - is optimization of your website content and structure according to relevant keywords to be quickly detected and correctly crawled on the internet, which will lead the website to be on the first page of search engine results.

  • More than 90% of total internet traffic are users that are coming to websites from Search Engines
  • World statistics say that by the year 2015 in the field of advertizing will dominate internet and search engines will be the main sources of information search
  • 90% of people are agree with statement, that search engines allow them to find what they are looking for

From the Internet Marketing point of view, website optimization has a higher priority when creating a website, than a graphic design. That is why, when making a website you have to emphasize the need that it has to match the Search Engine requirements.

    When developing methods for your project success, we, first of all:
  • Do the analysis and selection of the most effective keywords
  • Perform optimization of website content and HTML code to be in accordance with recommendations of the creators of the leading search engines
  • Fill the web resource with unique, relevant keywords and content
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How Social Media Marketing helps develop my business?

Social marketing - a broad concept which includes the website development through the most popular resources such as: blogs, forums, social networks, newsrolls and portals. As an additional service to the SEO and PPC, Social Marketing allows you to make your website to be the most recognizable and readable. This type of marketing is used to create good reputation of your site. Only imagine how many people each day are on social sites such as,,, or resources such as,

    according to statistics:
  • every day more than 80 million bloggers create more than 1.5 million pages
  • 90% of journalists search the Internet to create their articles and stories
  • Social marketing increases the reputation of the brand, 40% of potential buyers are first of all looking for positive feedback and comments on blogs using search engines and only then shop

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What is website promotion and referability enhancement (Linkbuilding)?

The owners of Web resources often wonder why is my site with interesting materials, beautiful design and unique service at 40th, 50th or 200th place in search engine results? But less noticeable sites of competitors on the first page of search engine results, receiving a huge number of visitors and have a huge turnover from the sale of its services?

By default, on the first page of Search Engine results for search request just 10 first positions are shown, accordingly, the first 10 sites are getting 80% of buyers. While the amount of sites corresponding to the request is very high, the first page only contains sites that have been recognized by Search Engine as most relevant search queries.

Search engine requests correspondence depends on two factors: internal (site structure, text content, page description) and external factors (importance and referability to the site from the outside, from other web resources). Accordingly, internal factor entirely depends from the site itself and the number of references to the resource is formed gradually, with the growing of popularity of the site on the internet.

One important factor is the existence of direct links from other resources. The more important recommending site is, the greater importance is given to recommended sites!

Linkbuilding - website referability enhancement, a service where the number of links is being expanded on your resource. In other words, a big number of third-party websites, will put links to your resource on their pages.

    Referability enhancement allows the website to:
  • Raise positions in search engine results according to relevant keywords
  • increase the number of visits from linked sites
  • receive a positive history of the site for search engines and visitors
  • create a popularity of your brand on the internet

The task of search engine is to give the user all sites that are relevant (suitable) to his/her request, but they have to choose from hundreds of thousands of sites, amongst which is your site as well. Despite the fact that search engines easily screen out non-essential sites there are still usually not less than 1000 site that would fit to the request. The objective of our company is to make sure that your site would be visible in the top ten, because the first 10 sites from search results are the most visited.

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Internet Marketing - PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay-per-click campaign is marketing campaign with payments-per-click. Leaders of the search market, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN - offer an effective solution to quickly attract customers to your site. Your ad will appear only where there are potential consumers of goods or services. Powerful tools for setting up Pay-per-click campaigns allow you to get the most favorable impact from your budget. In conjunction with SEO, PPC - brings business influx of interested visitors and huge profits. People are getting what they are looking for!

    Currently, PPC marketing campaigns - one of the most popular services in today's Internet, because:
  • Pay-per-click ads are at the most visible position in the results of search engines, above the regular Search Engine results, so they are always more notable from other results
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign can clearly evaluate the budget and effectively use it
  • Marketing campaigns have full transparency in the management, so you can clearly define the return on investment for marketing
    SEO-Papa Marketing Campaigns include
  • Selection of keywords and writing the most effective ads
  • Creating entry pages, depending on the keywords that are attractive to the customer, being set out in an understandable form and encourage consumers to purchase goods or services
  • Campaign Management: We have the status of certified Google Adwords professionals
  • Tracking campaigns, adding new ones, reporting and increasing effectiveness of marketing campaigns
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