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Know your customers - 's marketing challenge
E-Marketing as well as traditional marketing is too often one-way communication. The problem and challenge is to know our customers - the need for customer dialogue.
Most of us are familiar with:

  • Not being able to measure direct results on marketing campaigns
  • Not knowing the impact of e-mails with no direct tracking
  • Difficulty deciding which text-format to use in customer mails
  • Not having enough capacity to send large volumes of personalised e-mails and newsletters to customers
  • High costs on paper newsletters
  • Product brochures get outdated fast and are expensive to change

The MyClients Solution - An innovative E-mail Marketing Tool
It is time to think about alternative means of direct marketing. Through MyClients we provide you with the means to address 's marketing challenges.

Its possibilities reach far beyond traditional direct marketing. You follow the e-mail sent to each user. Each mail can be personalised. You can see whether all users receive the e-mails, whether they read them, when they read them and what part they are especially interested in.
Key benefits for users

  • You can do marketing activities more efficiently and get measurable results.
  • You can track your customers' behaviour.
  • You get to know your customers.
  • You can launch an e-mail campaign in just minutes.
  • You save time.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • MyClients helps you to realise the true value of your customers.

You can send basically any information about your company and web site to your customers -- newsletters, press releases, personalised messages and a lot more.
It is one of the most easy to use effective e-mail marketing tools on the market .

MyClients keeps track of customer click-through activity and feedback throughout your e-marketing campaign. It gives people working with marketing the ability to instantly launch direct e-mail marketing with close follow-up and tracking.

Features include:
  • High performance e-mail campaign management.
  • Real time tracking of recipient click-throughs and mail openings.
  • Exact knowledge and statistics on who opened e-mails - who clicked on what links - and when.
  • Customer response handling.
  • Form builder tool. Create a form to capture customer information from your own website.
  • Suppression of bad and double e-mail addresses. They will be removed from future mailings.
  • Customers can subscribe and unsubscribe automatically to the newsletter using click-through or e-mail replies.
  • Send automatically e-mails in the format used by the individual customer.

MyClients is especially created for companies who need a rapidly deployed solution whether in-house or as a managed service. All web-based. No client software to be installed. With the managed service there are no need for new equipment or maintenance costs.

Example: A travel agency sends their spring brochure via mail to all its customers. In the e-mail there are links to different parts of the world, links to discount fares, opportunity to search for travels within different price categories etc. Campaign statistics and analysis will now be gathered in a database showing the travel agency which customers are interested in the Greek Islands or Thailand, whether they go for discount offers, what price levels they can afford etc. All based on tracking what links the customers click on. Furthermore old, non-existent addresses are registered and deleted.