Product details

Benefits of MyClients
MyClients provides you with customized e-mail service. An e-marketing tool with options and features not yet available in any other places on the market. It is easy to use for both your marketing staff and your IT staff.

Key benefits for your marketing staff
MyClients provides your marketing department with the ability to instantly launch direct e-mail marketing activities.

  • Newsletters, press releases, personalised messages etc. You get to know your customers via dialogue. You can easily follow-up.
Key benefits for your IT staff
MyClients is just as popular with IT departments as it is with marketing staff.

  • No installation is required.
  • No system maintenance is needed.
  • You do not have to worry about capacity problems on internal mail servers as you can choose the hosted version of MyClients .
  • You eliminate unnecessary IT costs.
How does MyClients work
In chronological order:
  • Get your list of customers
  • Create a campaign
  • Write the e-mail
  • Decide what links to include
Before the e-mails are sent, the MyClients service:
  • Provides the needed capacity for huge e-marketing campaigns
  • Ensures that only customers able to read HTML get the HTML version, others receive it in text-format
  • Ensure the security of your data
When the e-mails are sent, using MyClients you can :
  • Track opened e-mails
  • Track click-throughs
  • Eliminate bad and double addresses
  • Track responses
  • Place campaign statistics and analysis in your database
  • All tracking is done instantly and continuously
  • View campaign statistics
  • Use results for follow-up and new campaigns

Features and functionality
Creating a list of customer e-mails
Take the list of your customers or create a list of chosen recipients for the e-mail campaign.

MyClients offers an easy import of different text and database formats, as well as an optional direct connection to your customer database.

The system also allows you to compare mailing lists to identify the best one within a campaign.
Import your latest list and MyClients automatically combines it with existing data and removes all double instances.

MyClients includes a form builder tool that enables you to create a customer data acquisition form you can use from your website.
MyClients will then send your marketing campaign information according to the data provided directly by your customers. This means that all people within the campaign who receive your mail have chosen or given permission to receive e-mail from you.
By collecting data via the MyClients form builder tool your database is continuously being updated which is the foundation for a successful campaign.

E-mail Campaign Management
When deciding what campaign to choose, remember that MyClients2day provides you with new possibilities. You can decide on links to include in order to get the most relevant information about your customers reactions in order for your marketing department to follow up.

Only you decide what campaign to create, what to write in the e-mail and what links to include. We make it easy with completely new tracking and reporting opportunities.

MyClients handles all your e-mail list management requirements to ensure the most accurate data possible. Once your data is in MyClients , you can initiate an automated list management process, e-mail validation and double instance elimination.

Using the convenient field merge and selection rules, you may create personal letters that address each individual customer in detail.

Our web-based interface makes it easy for you to create the content you need for your e-mail campaign. You can access, change and process your data anywhere you have access to the Net. You can even create and modify lists while the campaign is running.

MyClients offers high-speed, high-volume e-mail deployment.

Traditionally, campaigns with personalised e-mails demand huge server capacity. Also the additional traffic created with unexpectedly high response to an e-mail can seriously slow down your server. Both factors are normally necessary to consider when launching your campaign.

However, MyClients can manage several hundred thousands of personalized e-mails every day. We have the capacity to handle huge quantities of e-mails and responses, and the systems to effectively monitor them.

HTML vs. Text-based E-mails

you have to choose between writing your e-mails in HTML or text-based format.
Statistics show that graphics-rich HTML e-mail messages get a much bigger response than plain text e-mails. It looks better and provides opportunities to include graphics etc.
However, the more sophisticated the content of your message, the greater the risk that the end user may not have the proper e-mail client to read it.

MyClients has the ability to deliver both e-mail formats.

MyClients senses whether a recipient's system can read HTML messages. If not, the system automatically defaults to a plain text message that the client can read.

Furthermore, with our dynamic customisation feature each individual e-mail can be personalised with any number of message variables.

Graphics can also be added easily.

With MyClients you are the only one who controls the data. You can filter your database so that only the names and addresses needed for a particular campaign will receive your e-mail.
All your data is stored securely within the MyClients system.

Tracking System
MyClients 's highly sophisticated tracking systems assure the effectiveness of targeted e-mail campaigns. MyClients tracks every step of your campaign: delivery, responses, click-throughs, etc.

The system is capable of telling you specifically:

  • Who opened the e-mail and when.
  • Who clicked on which links and when.
  • How many links did each individual recipient click on.
  • Who clicked on special groups of links and possibility to search within them.
  • Which are the most popular links.
  • Which are the unexpected combinations.

MyClients enables you to easily identify your most valuable customers. It is possible for your customers to respond directly to you, either via e-mail or via your homepage.

The click-through tracking feature also shows you exactly when and how often a particular e-mail recipient clicked through from an e-mail to your web page. It can even tell you if the customer has passed on the e-mail to his friends.

In addition to delivering the right message to the right person, MyClients also instantly tells you, which messages did not get through and why.

Recipients who request to unsubscribe from the list are given personalised confirmations.
Invalid addresses are automatically removed from future mailings. Double addresses to one customer can likewise be registered and removed from the database.

You have the possibility to monitor and control the flow of e-mails right from your desktop. Should you need to, you can even stop and start a campaign while it is in progress and if necessary change an offer or adjust distribution.

Customer Replies
MyClients is able to receive customer responses that are sent directly to an e-mail address.

Furthermore, MyClients compiles and integrates this information into general reports together with most e-mail responses that go directly to your web site.

MyClients can also manage these inbound replies for you, which means that every response is accounted for, no matter how big the volume.

Form Builder Tool
MyClients can create a form to capture customer information at your web-site.

This is far easier to manage than individual e-mail responses sent to either the e-mail address from which you have sent the e-mail campaign or to an e-mail you have specified in the text. This will uniform the responses and place them directly into your database and can be handled easily by sales or marketing staff.

System Reports
Campaign statistics and analysis delivered to you

MyClients tracks and delivers campaign data to you in real time for timely analysis.
Compilation of your campaing results begins the second the first e-mail is deployed. The system enables you to start monitoring your campaign right away for more control and better results. This means you can monitor and edit a campaign while it is still in progress.

MyClients 's reports are delivered through a web-based browser interface. So results can be monitored and administered from virtually anywhere.

With MyClients you can choose between a high-level summary of campaign results or a more detailed data report.

Our system also enables you to export reports to spreadsheets and other compatible formats for further analysis and comparison.

You can turn data into graphic charts and tables for presentation purposes.

Campaign Data Transfer
You can export the results of your e-mail program to your existing database.

This means that MyClients enables you to leverage the results of a campaign to produce a more robust database for future initiatives.

In MyClients each campaign is designed to match your specific database specifications in order to ensure a seamless transfer of acquired data. You do not have to re-format data fields to fit your system.

To guarantee an errorless transfer process we scan data for any viruses or other irregularities, and create duplicate data back-up files.

Moreover, we protect each element of your campaign data with password-protected access to ensure security of all elements.

In-house Solution

  • You get the product once and for all.
  • You get it in-house. It is yours.
  • It is a one-time cost.
  • Especially for large-scale use, this is a very cost-efficient solution.
  • It is one of the most easy to use e-marketing tools on the market .
  • It is made easy, among others, because there is no client software to be installed.
Hosted Application
Alternatively, we can offer MyClients .eu for the customers who prefer to use our hosting services.

As a hosted application, MyClients offers all of the advantages but none of the hassle of the market leading software-based tools. Accessed via a web browser, MyClients 's powerful technology is delivered and managed by Nordic IT Systems. Your e-mail marketing needs will not be held hostage by installations, backups, operations, bandwidth constraints or capital budget roadblocks typical of complex software implementations. Plus, functionality upgrades are essentially free and are implemented automatically.

With the same user interface as traditional MyClients , MyClients .eu enables you to build and deliver targeted, personalised, direct marketing campaigns, and track the results.

System Requirements
Hosted edition
Clients need a web browser ver. 4 or above. No further requirements.

Corporate version
  • Clients need a web browser ver. 4 or above.
  • Server PIII-450 MHz or higher with Internet connection
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • PHP 4
  • PHP - command line, installed as CGI script
  • External Mail Server
  • Any make, Q-mail on Linux is recommended for high performance
Boxed version
  • MyClients preinstalled server from Nordic IT Systems
  • Internet connection with fixed IP-address
  • Mail-exchange record for IP-address in nameserver

Example: The travel agency can choose exactly whom to send a special discount offer on a trip to the Greek Islands after knowing the results of sending out their spring brochure.

Example: The travel agency realises that the customers wishing to go to Greece are far more likely to be interested in discount travels than the customers who are interested in Thailand and Mexico. Then the next targeted discount offer sent out should be a discount tour to Greece. The other group of customers could get an offer to a more expensive cultural tour around Mexico.