MyClients will help your business with a number of professional tasks:

  • E-mail newsletters and campaigns
  • Advertising by e-mail is getting more and more popular reaching banner advertising volumes. We offer you a complete solution that will help you to create and execute commercial and informational campaigns via e-mail, and simultaneously monitor the campaign statistics.

  • SMS advertising and campaigns
  • Using MyClients you can send SMS announcements to your colleagues, advertise your services and products.

  • Questionnaire campaigns
  • We will help you to create and execute any questionnaires and campaign and also provide you with the ull report.
    “Send to Friend” and multi level marketing campaigns are easy to run with MyClients.

    Any user can use our solutions and applications; it does not require any technical knowledge. Unlike competitors we give the chance to our clients to create and execute any marketing campaigns on their own.
    Marketing campaigns - it is much easier, than you think. You should not overpay for what you can easily create yourself. Our professional advisers always will help you with any questions.

    Do you know that 80% of your customers use Google search? They are all searching for what you´re selling, but your website is nowhere to be found! We will bring your website to the TOP positions in Google, help to run AdWords campaigns and improve your sales! Our marketing specialists will help to improve your business by offering following services:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Internet Marketing - PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website promotion (Linkbuilding)

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    Our solutions are successfully used by:
    Sampo Pank AS
    DHL Estonia AS
    Estonian Air AS
    Helmes AS
    AS Baltic Tours
    Silja Line AS
    Super Sea Cat

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    20011 - 01 - 03

    We provide our customers with professional SMO service.
    Social Media Optimization is the methodology of uitilizing social media activity with the intent of attracting visitors to your web site.

    20010 - 20 - 09

    We have changed our hosting provider to Hetzner Online
    Hetzner Online was distinguished as best German hosting provider for private clients by the Association of German Internet Enterprises (eco) in 2007.

    2009 - 01 - 01

    In order to provide our clients with a full Internet Marketing service, our experts offer professional consultancy in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

    2008 - 07 - 01

    MyClients™ have signed a cooperation agreement with SMSolutions company. Now we offer cheaper SMS services in Baltic States than ever before.

    2008 - 03 - 01

    Byzantine Consult Ltd. becomes our partner, using MyClient™ solutions for the marketing and sales campaigns for several of their key accounts.

    2007 - 09 - 01

    Our development team has done a great job improving performance of MyClients mailing engine, as requirements of our clients constantly grow.

    2007 - 01 - 20 has developed a new SMS module. Our clients can launch SMS campaigns as easy as sending e-mail.